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Arcos Stainless Steel pack. c / 10 plus. Stylus®

$96.20 + IVA – $120.60 + IVA

The Stainless Steel Stylus® Arches have all the properties of superior quality stainless steel, which, when perfectly polished, achieve minimal friction. The bows are made of a special alloy that...

NI-TI Econoline® square and rectangular archwires pkg. c / 10 pcs.

$196.51 + IVA$117.91 + IVA

Square and rectangular NI-TI Econoline® archwires are ideal for treatments where expensive ones cannot be used, without sacrificing optimal forces and movements to achieve a successful treatment. Its caliber is...

Pack Short module w / 20 rods

$240.34 + IVA$168.24 + IVA

Practical presentation, excellent elasticity and color permanence in the mouth. The rounded edges of the short ligatures allow for greater comfort by properly keeping the archwires within the brackets. Ideal...

Myobrace® for Adults

$2,696.93 + IVA$1,429.37 + IVA

Myobrace for Adults ™ is a two-stage appliance system suitable for permanent teeth. Myobrace for Adults ™ incorporates the principles of MRC appliances, including features that allow correcting poor oral...

Arcos NI-TI reverse curve pack. c / 5 pcs. Stylus®

$277.39 + IVA – $318.63 + IVA

Made of super elastic Nickel Titanium, shaped like a reverse curve, the Reverse Curve Nickel Titanium Arch helps eliminate the curve of Spee. The design of this arch, combined with...

Arcos Thermal Ultra Advanced pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$440.61 + IVA – $463.90 + IVA

Arcos Thermal Ultra Advanced Stylus® . It has been manufactured under strict quality controls with a plus in slightly higher forces. It has an improved resilience that is noticeably more...

Set of Brackets Ceramic Flexx® Roth Promotion 2x1

$1,669.41 + IVA$1,201.98 + IVA

Promotion 2x1 Set of Ceramic Flexx® Roth Brackets . Aesthetic bracket in polycrystallized ceramic with a purity of 98.8%. Made from a single piece with special sintering technology that increases...

Infant Trainer ™ System

$1,895.42 + IVA$1,194.12 + IVA

Infant Trainer ™ is a one-size-fits-all device that encourages primary dentition patients to chew properly and exercise their chewing muscles. But, most importantly, the Infant Trainer ™ supports breathing and...

Elastic Chain Ultra Chain Short

$687.75 + IVA$398.90 + IVA

The best chain on the market, ideal for all your patients, super-elastic, made with excellent material with a superior degree of resilience so it can be used to close medium...

Trainer ™ T4K

$1,895.42 + IVA$1,194.12 + IVA

Trainer ™ T4K (Pre-Orthodontics Trainers for Kids ™) The T4K® is most effective during this period while the permanent teeth are erupting. The myofunctional design features address the root causes...

Econoline® Non-Convertible ROTH Dob-Sen Tube 120 Bands Mini Kit

$9,296.03 + IVA$4,369.13 + IVA

The Roth tubes of the bands are laser welded to the exact height to prevent dislodging during treatment. Because we know the market, we offer you an anatomical stainless steel...

Arcos M7 (NI-TI Multistrand) pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$761.81 + IVA – $897.86 + IVA

Arcos M7 Stylus®. Nickel Titanium with 7 filaments, it is made of a round coaxial wire specially manufactured and with the best technology to guarantee that it does not come...

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