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Roth SP-Line Bracket Set

$262.64 IVA Incluido$149.70 IVA Incluido

The SP LINE Roth Bracket Set has an ergonomic and high quality design, specialized in Roth technique, with an ideal size package for small spaces and with an attractive color...

Scape® 3G Roth Stylus® Bracket Set

$796.07 IVA Incluido$493.57 IVA Incluido

SCAPE3G® , The bracket design starts from the bottom up with an integral pylon base that provides improved bond strength. Thanks to its triple retention system made up of its...

Econoline® 3G + Roth Bracket Set

$368.21 IVA Incluido$239.34 IVA Incluido

The design of the Econoline® 3G + Roth Bracket offers quality at an affordable price and its anatomy is ideal to ensure the comfort of your patients. Available in Slot...

Roth Light® Self-ligating Bracket Set

$4,701.41 IVA Incluido$2,068.62 IVA Incluido

The design of the Roth Lightt® Self-ligating Bracket is an effective means of active self-ligating that allows you to focus on the treatment and not the braces. Available in Slot...

CRYSTALL-IZE® Roth Stylus® Bracket Set

$6,218.37 IVA Incluido$2,984.82 IVA Incluido

Bracket CRYSTALL-IZE® Roth Stylus® , an MBT System Ideal for Superior Aesthetics Arch Wire. The first aesthetic choice of patients and of you for the realization of your treatments. 1....

Special offer! Brkt Roth SuperMini 2G Stylus® Set + 1st Molar Stylus® Bondable Tubing Set

$876.14 IVA Incluido$543.20 IVA Incluido

Special Promotion, buy a set of Super Brackets Mini Roth 2G Classic® and get a free set of bondable tubes, non-convertible for the first molar of the Stylus line. 1....

Roth Light® Bracket Set

$324.38 IVA Incluido$201.11 IVA Incluido

Brkt Roth Lightt® Set Line: Lightt Slot: .018 and .022 Technique or prescription: Roth Steel quality: Good One piece: No System retention: Mesh Bracket profile: Slightly low Hooks: Canines and...

Lightt® Standard Bracket Set

$226.19 IVA Incluido$128.92 IVA Incluido

Made of stainless steel and with a mesh retention system Bracket Lightt® Standard solves the needs you require for your treatments in an intelligent way, at an excellent price and...

Set of Brackets Ceramic Flexx® Roth Promotion 2x1

$1,936.52 IVA Incluido$1,491.12 IVA Incluido

Promotion 2x1 Set of Ceramic Flexx® Roth Brackets . * (Promotion not combinable with other discounts). Aesthetic bracket made of polycrystallized ceramic with a purity of 98.8%. Made from a...

Classic Mini 2G Roth Stylus® Bracket Set

$876.14 IVA Incluido

Innovation from start to finish. The Mini bracket system is designed from start to finish with a computer-drawn 80 mesh bonding base that adjusts to the curvature of the tooth...

Scape® 3G MBT Stylus® Bracket Set

$849.14 IVA Incluido$636.86 IVA Incluido

The MBT LOW FRICTION technique of the Scape® 3G MBT Stylus® Bracket Set is a procedure that uses brackets designed for each tooth to speed up treatment by applying light...

Set of Brackets Flexx® 2G Standard or Edgewise

$455.88 IVA Incluido$227.94 IVA Incluido

Ideal for your treatments from start to finish. Set of Brackets Flexx® 2G Standard or Edgewise has an anatomical design to guarantee correct adhesion to the tooth. It is made...

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