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NI-TI Econoline® arches round pkg. c / 10 pcs.

$157.81 IVA Incluido$96.26 IVA Incluido

Arcos NI-TI Econoline® is an alternative that offers quality products at a more accessible price, obtaining optimal results. They are round arches that offer quality with shape and properties that...

Arcos Stainless Steel pack. c / 10 plus. Stylus®

$116.74 IVA Incluido – $141.98 IVA Incluido

The Stainless Steel Stylus® Arches have all the properties of superior quality stainless steel, which, when perfectly polished, achieve minimal friction. The bows are made of a special alloy that...

Arcos NI-TI Classic pack. c / 10 pcs. round Stylus®

$277.03 IVA Incluido$160.68 IVA Incluido

“Super Elastic Classic”. Nickel Titanium has been shown to be biocompatible and has been used in multiple medical applications. The main property of Nickel Titanium is its high resilience, which...

Arcos Thermal Classic pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$280.27 IVA Incluido – $321.93 IVA Incluido

The main property of pure Nickel is its high resistance which, together with the activity of Copper, makes this the best bow on the market. It guarantees continuous and smooth...

Arcos NI-TI reverse curve pack. c / 5 pcs. Stylus®

$321.77 IVA Incluido – $369.61 IVA Incluido

Made of super elastic Nickel Titanium, shaped like a reverse curve, the Reverse Curve Nickel Titanium Arch helps eliminate the curve of Spee. The design of this arch, combined with...

Arcos NI-TI Aesthetics pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$1,472.88 IVA Incluido$810.09 IVA Incluido

NI-TI Aesthetics Stylus® Archwires have super elastic memory and a special coating that combines with all aesthetic brackets: Crystal Sapphire, porcelain, composite, plastic or resin. They do not pigment or...

Arcos Thermal Ultra Advanced pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$483.23 IVA Incluido – $498.99 IVA Incluido

Arcos Thermal Ultra Advanced Stylus® . It has been manufactured under strict quality controls with a plus in slightly higher forces. It has an improved resilience that is noticeably more...

Arcos TTF (NI-TI with three forces) pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$1,174.78 IVA Incluido$704.86 IVA Incluido

TRI Force® archwires. Three forces designed in an arch, with a smooth and gradual increase in force loads from the premolar region providing a slightly higher thermo-active force. - Anterior...

Arcos M7 (NI-TI Multistrand) pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$883.70 IVA Incluido – $1,041.52 IVA Incluido

Arcos M7 Stylus®. Nickel Titanium with 7 filaments, it is made of a round coaxial wire specially manufactured and with the best technology to guarantee that it does not come...

Arcos TTM (Titanium MOLYBDENUM ALLOY) pack. c / 10 pcs. Stylus®

$1,367.66 IVA Incluido$1,176.18 IVA Incluido

The TTM Stylus® Arch has the best characteristics on the market, uses minimal force but twice the work force. It is ideal to use as a starting arch thanks to...

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